While. do not have a finished textured render to share on this work-in-process project, you can see how it would finish up. There may be several matte shots in a sequence and potentially each of those shots could have a different work flow. Before we start talking about these different work flows I want to address a question that you might have. Using the latest Matte Painting techniques used in the film industry, this advanced lecture is designed for both aspiring and experienced artists. But the solution is easy.

The next step is to get into a bit of modelling by creating a simple piece of geometry to extend the roadway, and the embankments on either side of it. With that explained lets go on to the first Matte Painting Workflow.   The Gnomon Workshop offers professional training on most of the software applications used in today’s digital pipelines. Thank you for reading this presentation on “Matte Painting Workflows” If you have any questions about this presentation or should need any clarification you can email me at The MP4FM Project is looking for volunteers to record these presentations in their native language in order to make these presentations available to wider an international audience.

Overview all the latest layout tools improvements helping you design and create massive environments. As the tattoo industry has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years, the need training in this field has also grown. If I were not doing this in Maya, and didn’t have Paint Effects, I would probably have created a few panels with grass textures and transparency maps applied. Words: Lance Evans Model: Shari Rambissoon Lance Evans is creative director of Graphlink Media . This work flow skips a 3D package and projects onto basic geometry in Nuke. We will need to generate fill-in content that was never shot in the original video. Matte Painting’s goal is to create fantastic imagery for shots in the most cost savings way.

In addition to Adobe Photoshop®, Chris uses Autodesk 3ds Mae, but the techniques can be implemented with other popular 3D software as well. Matte Painting is so much more than just “painting” in Photoshop. Sky domes are often just images used to a Nuke sphere. Traditional drawing and painting skills are tremendous assets to artists working in the entertainment industry as well as other industries that rely on visual communication skills. If you are interested please contact Garrett Fry at This email address is being protected from spam bots.

The main tools used here are Maya, Nuke, Photoshop and Mali if the shot should call for it. Also, you will not that the left side of the matte painting image is feathered, to eliminate any hard edge transitions. Overhead view of the camera projection set – click on the image to see it in more detail My thinking was this: far away elements only have minor perspective issues, and besides, who wants to start modelling a whole city? The rectangles here are the software used to build Matte Painting elements or assets. Full Environment 3D Matte Painting Workflow 3D Apr There are times when creating Matte Paintings in Nuke are not possible. Camera view in Maya, with 3D items in place – click on the image to see it in more detail Finally, the foliage on both sides of the roadway needs to be extended.

Cover for the book ‘Innovation Compass’ by Guy Bauwen These painted images become the projection images in Nuke. Garrett Fry is a Matte Painter and Concept Artist for Feature films. And the panel was set to only accept light from this one light, and not the other light in the scene, a directional coming from the far right. If you have questions about how to fit Matte Painting in your pipeline then please watch the MP4FM presentation “Matte Painting pipeline”.   Even though the Matte Painting is baked into a rendered image sequence, rendering in passes will give the rompers some degree of control.

Matte Painting is Matte Painting because of these work flows. Traditionally, matte paintings were made by artists using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass for integrating with the live-action footage. In this work flow the Matte Painter uses Mali to paint an entire environment or set extension. The Gnomon Workshop also offers a number of tutorials focused on the fine art and illustration fields.

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